CSR shouldn’t be about ticking boxes. Because it’s vital that you mean it when you do it


We’ve always believed that it’s important to put something back into the communities in which we work.

Over the years, we’re learned that pursuing corporate and social responsibility within the community in a hands-on way is a much more effective approach than simply ticking boxes.

We engage with our customers

We try to help our customers embrace sustainability in many ways: training their own HVAC engineers in sustainable practices; specifying the most effective and eco-friendly equipment; and providing data that reveals the areas with potential for viable energy savings.

We engage with our suppliers

We share knowledge with our suppliers to help them benefit from our experiences in seeking environment-friendly and sustainable solutions.

We engage with our staff

We also follow those principles in our own offices, in ways that range from participating in and supporting local events, to choosing the most suitable indoor plants to help keep the air we breath as clean as possible.

We engage with the environment

Pursuing sustainability and engaging with local communities are integral to the culture of our company.