Building Fabric, Planned & Reactive Maintenance

We provide a planned, preventative and reactive service to protect and maintain all aspects of your commercial property.

A first line of response in guaranteeing the highest standard of building fabric lies in the integrated management of the mechanical and electrical (M&E) core infrastructure.

BGIS can maintain both the internal and external fabric of any building.

BGIS introduce bespoke, planned regimes that will deliver the full scope of building fabric maintenance in order to meet a client’s requirements at all times.

We achieve this through the utilisation of surveys to establish the present condition of the building fabric asset. We take into consideration the importance of any given asset relative to a matrix of critical to business and health and safety requirements.

We transpose these findings into an agreed plan for delivery, an Annual PPM Schedule. This ensures that the building fabric maintenance service is professionally managed in order to support your needs.

Quick response and flexibility are our key drivers.

We provide a truly comprehensive building fabric service, covering all aspects of your building – from inspections and compliance, to internal repairs and redecoration.

See below for a breakdown of our services:

  • Ensuring assets are appropriate and fit for purpose to support the operations of our clients
  • Ensuring suitable business presentation of properties and working environment at all times
  • Minimising asset failures and maintaining business continuity through effective maintenance regimes
  • Ensuring assets are statutory compliant where applicable
  • Maximising return on the investment required to provide and maintain the assets
  • Maintaining asset market value and reducing dilapidation liability on building fabric
  • Identifying assets that are life-expired and / or obsolete
  • Ensuring audit trails are created to demonstrate compliance with property strategy