24/7 Reactive & Emergency Support Services

We have in-house capability to deliver ready responses to escalate, stabilise and resolve emergency conditions on a 24/7 basis.

All responses involve contingency plans, surpassing the industry standard on all levels. This is demonstrable by an exemplary track record of delivery.

We surpass the industry standard on all levels. This is demonstrable by an exemplary track record of delivery.

The BGIS team provide a 24/7 call out service for reactive and emergency repairs. One of our engineers (or a whole team, if necessary) will arrive and deal with your crisis.

Our in-house engineering and mobile teams deliver the majority of our reactive maintenance services, supported by subcontracted specialist supply partners.

Our site based teams will be trained on all site specific and service specific requirements. Access clearance and inductions will also be arranged for any of our mobile or specialist subcontractors who may be called upon to support our site team with our service delivery.

All on-site staff are supplied with appropriate communication equipment to enable rapid escalation of reactive works if needed. Our management teams will also be contactable 24/7, and available to address any day-to-day issues or concerns.

Call-out procedures will be formulated using our 24/7 Service Desk system. These procedures are adapted for reactive requests made outside of normal working hours, where the support of contracted specialists is required.  This setup will allow our Service Desk to process calls quickly and efficiently.

Urgent reactive tasks will then be reviewed with our clients to ensure we fully understand your requirements. Once your desired performance methods are fully understood by our in-house team, we will roll out local tool box talks to our on-site teams, ensuring detailed knowledge to guarantee compliance.

Urgent reactive tasks are defined collaboratively with our client teams, but are typically defined as unforeseen maintenance that may include the following:

  • Constitutes a health and safety hazard
  • Compromises site security
  • Impacts on business critical systems
  • Seriously affects our client teams and the stakeholders ability to undertake its work
  • Creates rapid deterioration to a building or facility within a building

Non-urgent reactive tasks are defined as unforeseen work requirements, which fall outside of the urgent categories and do not pose a health and safety risk. 

Each category of task will have defined response times associated with them. Tasks and times are loaded into our computer-aided facility management system to ensure we can track our response times, meeting any stipulated requirements. All reactive tasks will be reviewed under a fault analysis system where data is studied to see if future occurrences can be prevented and documented through our monthly reports.