The BGIS experience

Better return on investment. Better equipment performance. Better energy efficiency.

At BGIS, we know every business needs something different.

We go the extra mile for our customers. We give them exactly what they need, but also offer that little bit extra, which in many cases they didn’t realise they wanted.

The best results every time

We never stop trying to achieve improvements for our customers: better return on investment, better equipment performance, and better energy efficiency. Just better everything.

Each client wants something different from us. Our answer is to give them exactly what they want, plus a bit more all in line with our core values: visibility, responsiveness and trust.

We are different

The way our Management Team works proactively on-site distinguishes us from our competitors. It’s not just our Engineers who are a constant presence in your building – members of our Management Team are also on-site throughout the life of every contract, and personally attend to every important detail.

Impeccably high standards

BGIS Maintenance Standards define the benchmark guidelines to which we work. These standards ensure that we deliver best-in-class maintenance and engineering standards every time. But we go beyond that… We also gather and evaluate data to pinpoint quantifiable improvements and discover energy-efficient solutions that translate to significant savings.

Extremely committed staff

At BGIS we understand that the services you need demand our full commitment. One of our key principles is to support your business objectives as well as meet your engineering needs. As a client, you can be assured that your on-site team will reflect your own professional and commercial objectives.

Intuitive thinking

We listen, and we always deliver on our promises. We are proactive, anticipate problems and are seriously inventive. As you would expect from the best engineers, if there is a better way, we’ll find it. Sometimes this means looking past the obvious. We’re comfortable with that if you are.